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Image Invincible Love

Invincible Love

Release Date 2023-06-05
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Soap
Stars Angelique Boyer, Danilo Carrera, Leticia Calderón, Daniel Elbittar, Marlene Favela

After losing all her loved ones fifteen years ago and believing her babies were killed at the hands of the father of her first love, Leona Bravo (Angelique Boyer) embarks on a journey of justice against all those who hurt her. In this process, Leona discovers that her children are actually alive and is reunited with an old friend with whom she finds true love. As a result, she will be torn between her desire for justice and rebuilding her bond with her two children, as well as regaining her faith in love.

1. "El amor a veces duele"


Gael loses control of his jet ski runs into Marena. Gael asks Marena to be his girlfriend; however, this causes Adrián to suffer since he is also in love with her. Marena tells Gael that she is pregnant, he forces her to abort her baby, as he fears losing all his fortune. Marena decides to end things with Gael. Marena finds out that she will be having twins, Adrián offers his help, but she prefers to raise her children on her own. Gael discovers that his father, Ramsés, is involved with human trafficking. Marena denounces Ramsés and in revenge, he murders her family.

2. "Marena está muerta"


Gael tries to stop his father from hurting Marena, but he shoots her. Adrián performs a C-section to save Marena's life and that of the babies, when the boy does not breath he is abandoned and the baby girl is taken. Ramsés causes the hospital where Marena is being treated to burn down. Consuelo informs Marena that her children did not survive the attack. Adrián learns of Marena's death. Marena under the name of Leona Bravo is determined to make the Torrenegro pay for what they did. Gael is reunited with Ana Julia. Adrián learns that the Torrenegro family has returned to Mexico City to expand their business. Josefa makes it clear to Columba that as a mother she is not the best, so she puts her family in order. Columba finds Gael kissing Camila's nurse, she tells him that despite all his indifference she still loves him. Leona is shocked when she runs into David.

3. "Yo puedo cambiar su vida"


David tells Leona that her eyes remind him of a special person. Gael confronts his mom and reveals that in order to change he needs to release his past. David tells his mom that he has found love and discovers that Leona is going to live next door. Camila assures Calixto that he is a hypocrite for pretending to love her. When Leona learns that Benjamín is the same age as the son she lost, she begins to cry, and he consoles her. Gael reproaches Columba for not being a mother who takes care of her children. Jacinta refuses to reveal to Benjamín his true origin. David confesses to his family that he is convinced that Leona is really Marena because there are many coincidences. Ana Julia and Benjamín meet. David arrives at the Torrenegro's house to help Camila in her rehabilitation. Leona is reunited with Gael.

4. "¡Tus hijos están vivos!"


Leona begs Gael for a job interview. Columba warns Gael that he is forbidden to hire women as consultants. Gael agrees to a meeting with Leona and arranges to meet her at his house. Itzel tells her parents that she met two members of the Torrenegro family. Ramsés surprises his family with his arrival. David shows Leona a photo of them when they were teenagers, he assures her that he has not stopped loving her and steals a kiss, she asks for time. Gael has a confrontation with Ramsés. Consuelo reveals to Marena that she had to lie to her to save her life. Ramsés, feeling the love of his granddaughter Ana Julia, reveals to her that she will be the only heir. Adrián confesses to Leona that her children are alive, but asks her to call him David for security reasons.

5. "Unidos para derrocar el mal"


David confesses to Leona that he went to work at the Torrenegro house to avenge her death, she confirms that they both have the same goal, he kisses her, but she makes it clear that she has no time for love. Lola uploads sensual content and manages to captivate Calixto. Leona talks with Kika, but she is rude, Ana Julia greets Leona and notices her tattoo, she shares the meaning of it. Josefa forbids Oliver to be medicated and takes away Columba's authority as a mother. Leona runs into her children at the same time and the three of them have a special connection. Leona sees that Oliver is suffering a crisis, gives him first aid and manages to stabilize him. Gael learns that Manuel gave Oliver the medication with Columba's authorization.

6. "Quiero arrancarle la vida"


Ramsés threatens Columba for medicating Oliver. Gael gives Leona the position as an advisor. Gael asks Columba for a divorce. Leona is reunited with Ramsés, who thanks her for saving his grandson. Columba warns Gael that if he sees any strange behavior with Leona, she will fire her. Leona reveals to Consuelo that her twins are alive. Leona tells Jacinta that she would like to know more about her family now that she knows that Adrián is David, Jacinta asks her to be discreet since her children do not know about David's past.

7. "Un monstruo que se alimenta del miedo"


Leona is willing to cause the most pain to Ramsés as revenge for killing her family. Ana Julia asks her mother if she is no longer in love with Calixto since she has seen them distant lately. Ramsés surprises Leona in her house and assures her that he knows everything about her. Ramsés notices Leona's nervousness, intimidates her and assures her that she can go through hell if she denies her loyalty. Leona tells David that Ramsés may already knows who she is, he asks her to be cautious. Columba tries to humiliate Leona, but she defends herself.

8. "Va a recibir lo que merece"


Gael tells Columba to stop offending Leona. Camila confesses her secret to David. Jeremías is willing to reveal to Ramsés that David is really Adrián. Gael thanks Benjamín for stopping the fight between Itzel and Kika, Benjamín asks him to take good care of Leona. Leona knows that the perfect moment to take revenge on Ramsés is during his event. David encourages Camila to resume her life, he proposes her to dance with her wheelchair, Camila feels something special for him.

9. "Los errores se pagan"


Leona proposes to Ana Julia to get to know each other better. Oliver refuses to go to his grandfather's party and tells his mother that he will only do so if Leona come gets him. Manuel tries to ruin Ramsés' party. Leona sees that Ana Julia is in danger and changes the order of the event, but a guard is the one who is electrocuted by the microphone she had prepared for Ramsés. Jacinta asks Jeremías for a divorce. Ramsés, seeing that Leona was not attentive to every detail of the event, fires her, Gael asks him to give her another chance. Gael confesses to Leona that now that she will not be working with him, he will miss her a lot. Leona assures Columba that after her departure, she is left without competition, Columba humiliates her. Ramsés kill Manuel and asks Calixto to get rid of the body. Gael arrives at the neighborhood where Leona lives and discovers his friendship with David.

10. "¡Leona, sálvame!"


Gael confesses to Leona that he will do everything he can to get her to come back to work with him because she reminds him of a woman from his past. Leona confesses to David that she is confused by what Gael told her, he asks her not to believe his words. Gael confronts his dad and assures him that he wants Leona back in the company. Columba gives Gael a note where Oliver says that if Leona does not return, they will never see him again. Lola agrees to meet with the man who buys her content. Leona receives a call asking for a large amount of money in exchange for Oliver's freedom, Gael begs Leona to save his son. Josefa puts a stop to Columba for bringing up the subject of the daughter Gael had with Marena. Leona arrives to pay Oliver's ransom.

11. "Bienvenida a la familia, Leona"


Gael thanks Leona for saving Oliver. Calixto poses as Ramsés and meets with Lola to ask her to be his lover. Columba is upset to learn that it was Leona who rescued Oliver and claims that she planned the kidnapping. David questions Leona if she still loves Gael, she tells him that the only thing he provokes in her is hatred. Gael questions Leona if she is involved with David. Columba counters Leona's authority in the company. Columba asks Calixto to fulfill her as a man and she will know how to reward him. Leona seeks to gain Kika's trust, but she rejects her. Consuelo receives the results of her exam. Ana Julia confirms that Kika is using drugs. Camila kisses David and confesses that she feels lonely. Ana Julia, Benjamín and Kika are involved in a car accident.

12. "¡Ella es mi hija!"


David informs Leona that Ana Julia and Kika are in the hospital. Leona discovers that Kika has the same blood type as her and will look for a way to prove that she is her daughter. Gael reveals to Leona that in the past he lost a son. Itzel confesses to her family that she likes Benjamín, but is afraid to fall in love. Jacinta wants to confess to Leona that Benjamín is her son. Ramses recognizes that Leona has become an angel for his family. Ana Julia falls into cardiac arrest, the doctor informs Gael that her heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds. Benjamín does not recognize Leona.

13. "Siento que el amor volvió a mi vida"


David asks Benjamín not to feel guilty about the accident, Leona tries to calm him down. Ramsés tells Kika that when she gets out of the hospital she will start to rehabilitate herself. Leona is sure that she has already found her daughter, so she wants to win Kika's affection. Josefa tells Ramsés that if Ana Julia wakes up, she is determined to tell her the truth. Kika wakes up from the accident and hears Josefa say that Ana Julia is adopted. Leona confesses to Consuelo that she has feelings for David. Columba confirms to Kika that Ana Julia is not Camila's daughter, they decide to use this information to their advantage. Leona accompanies Consuelo to her biopsy. Kika thanks Leona for donating blood to save her life, Leona asks her to give her the opportunity to prove to her that she is a good person.

14. "Quiero recuperar el tiempo a tu lado"


David kicks out Jeremías from the house, he threatens the family. David surprises Leona with a romantic dinner by the sea, both confess their love to each other. Columba apologizes to Oliver for not being close to him. Benjamín is thrilled to learn that Leona could become his aunt. Gael can't stop thinking about Leona. Columba seduces Ramsés. Ana Julia reveals to Gael that sometimes she feels that he is her father since Calixto is very distant.

15. "El daño que provocan los secretos"


Lola, knowing that her father has no money to rent a hotel room, asks Calixto for help. Ramsés catches Josefa with the letter from her old love and confronts her. Leona confirms to Consuelo that she has cancer. Calixto begins to grant Lola's wishes, but in return he asks for a kiss. Jeremías assures Benjamín that David and his mother have been lying to him all his life, Benjamín confronts his uncle and demands that he tell him the truth.

16. "El dolor también une"


Consuelo informs her family that she has cancer. Benjamín learns that his uncle David's name is really Adrián Hernández and that Leona Bravo is really Marena. Josefa wants to work in the family business, Ramsés opposes, but Gael supports her. Leona gives Ana Julia and Kika a gift. Ana Julia asks Benjamín to give them a chance to be friends. Columba takes advantage of Leona's mistake at the business meeting to present her proposal. Leona confirms that Columba stole her presentation so she enters the meeting with the shareholders and confronts her.

17. "Hasta las últimas consecuencias"


Leona is sure that Columba plagiarized her presentation. Josefa demands that Gael sanction Leona. Columba congratulates Calixto for hacking Leona's computer, but he makes a request. David enters Kika's bedroom to take some hair samples. Gael mentions to Leona that she reminds him a lot of Marena Ramos, the great love of his life. Leona sees that Josefa is having trouble with technology and wants to help her. Leona meets Romeo and learns that he is adopted since his parents died in a fire. Dano's parents arrive at the Torrenegro's house to demand an explanation about what happened to their son, not having a clear answer, they take Ana Julia hostage.

18. "¡Vivan los novios!"


Itzel kisses Benjamin, seeing that he only wants her as a friend, she apologizes. David asks Leona not to get attached to Romeo as she may be confusing things. Gael feels complicit with his dad for keeping quiet that he is a human trafficker. David takes advantage of the fact that his whole family is together to ask Leona to be his girlfriend. Clara criticizes Itzel's appearance. Columba assures Ramsés that the kiss they gave each other was an invitation to fall into the forbidden. Ramses records Columba without her consent while they are intimate.

19. "Como si te conociera de toda la vida"


Calixto discovers that Lola is Kika's friend. Ana Julia asks Leona for a hug and tells her that Kika insulted her by assuring her that she's not like the rest of the family. Leona makes it clear to Calixto that she doesn't like the way he looks at her. Columba destroys Oliver's gift and shows how much she hates Leona. Columba becomes an accomplice of Ramsés to destroy Josefa inside the company and at the same time, he asks Leona to be his spy in the office. Leona discovers that all her money was stolen. Columba, Ramses and Calixto have their new plan ready to recruit young people. Ana Julia learns that Itzel kissed Benjamín. Columba finds out that Calixto left Leona's account in zeroes and tells him that his reward is to keep the money, but he wants Columba in bed.

20. "¡Ella no es mi hija!"


Gael is determined to have his son Oliver checked by a doctor because he does not see his behavior as normal. Josefa makes a proposal to Leona. Leona is convinced that Columba is behind the theft of her money. Ramsés confesses that he had Dano killed. Leona confirms that Kika is not her daughter. Leona confesses to David that she is willing to reveal the whole truth to Gael because she feels desperate. Columba convinces Ana Julia to join the cheerleading squad. Leona receives an arrangement of flowers in her office and Gael becomes jealous. Leona searches Gael's computer for information that could compromise the Torrenegro family. Lola arrives with Calixto at the hotel, he spikes her drink. Leona sees that Ana Julia is being harassed and defends her.

21. "Me estoy enamorando de Leona"


Ramsés humiliates Camila by forcing her to stand up from her wheelchair. Ana Julia has a confrontation with Kika and Leona takes advantage of the moment to take a sample of Ana Julia's hair to perform a DNA test. Calixto records Lola while she is asleep so he can blackmail her. David confesses to Leona that Camila kissed him, she gets jealous. Gael accepts that he is falling in love with Leona. Ramsés confesses that he is the leader of a sex trafficking ring. Ramsés finds out that Columba destroyed Oliver's stuffed animal, congratulates her for not having control over hurting her own children and kisses her.

22. "¡Ana Julia es tu hija!"


Jeremías proposes to Lola to take revenge on Jacinta by taking her apartment. Leona is moved when celebrating Benjamín's birthday. Leona confirms that Ana Julia is her daughter, Consuelo asks her to be very cautious with the Torrenegro family. Columna tells Kika that now is not the time for the truth about Ana Julia to be revealed. David confesses to Jacinta that they can no longer hide the truth from Leona. Itzel reveals to Benjamín that she is in love with him. Ramsés assures Gael that his son Matias is dead to him. Josefa does not stop thinking about Apolo and when she sees Ramsés, she confronts him for what he did to Camila. David prepares a romantic evening for Leona and they make love.

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